bixby canyon bridge

in november 2017, my friend taylor and i took a quick trip from los angeles to big sur, california. as a die-hard death cab for cutie fan, a long time dream of mine was to drive across the bixby canyon bridge (they have a very touching song about this bridge...) and that dream came true!

taylor and i rented a car and took the drive north. due to a landslide, part of the pacific coast highway was blocked off. we had to detour inland, and the drive took us a bit longer than expected. we got an airbnb for the evening, and settled in with some snacks. we woke up before sunrise and drove along the coast. the cliffs and the ocean are so beautiful. seeing the bixby canyon bridge in real life was a very emotional experience for me. it was a magical morning. we stopped for coffee and croissants at big sur bakery, and then started our drive back to los angeles. 

on our way down the coast we caught sunset at pismo beach. we were able to drive right on the beach and up to the water. it was a lovely little trip!