Abandoned (part 1 of 2)

I absolutely adore Rebeka and Lauren! I'm so happy we were able to collaborate together again this year. For this shoot, we drove a couple of hours out of Toronto and braved the frigid cold to create some magic! (seriously, i've been sick since this shoot because it was so cold outside...) Our first location was an abandoned house. I had never seen one before, so it was a really cool experience. All I could think about was the people that would've lived there a long time ago, and why the house was just left to decay. Structurally, the inside of the house was completely ruined. It was really interesting to see.

Lauren did the styling for the shoot!

rose lace two piece: for love and lemons / white crop top: misguided / leather choker: hand made by lauren! / studded jeans: topshop / heeled suede boots: call it spring